Charm of jubilation

Coding; Inflatable Object; Interactive Web; Video
Mapping on Inflatable Size: 2mx3m

This project allow people to visualise the scope of the happiness or calmness of life. We all must have gone through "blues" at some points of time in our lives. Whenever you feel slightly depressed, anxious or fearful about something. Daily occasions can make us feel blue sometimes. To increase positive moods and capitalise on your strengths you need brain relaxation in order to increase emotional rise. Researching happiness (high spirits, satisfaction) and calmness (quietness) we created monument that allows people to experience this two stages of emotions which are opposite (from emotional level) from each other, in order to warn, advise hu- manity that positive emotions are integral part of fulfilling life and self-improvement. Meaning of a form comes from cell of life where one of the most important molecule let us smile and feel alive. Ev- erybody wants to be feel and radiate Happiness but did you know that how happy you feel all starts